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Angels and Revenge Giveaway

So a few months ago the paperback edition of A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS came out. And I’m embarrassed to admit that I hardly noticed. I guess this is what happens after you’ve published a few books; you get busy — writing more books, meeting deadlines, thinking about the next project — and things like a paperback release can slip right by.

So not cool, because my paperback baby deserves at least some of the love of its hardcover predecessor. And you guys — some of you have been with me since Prophecy of the Sisters came out in 2009 — deserve a little something for all the support you give me, too.


Which is why I’m going to try and make it up to you both.

With that in mind, I’m offering up a super awesome giveaway reminiscent of my past super awesome giveaways. But this one’s even more special, because I just so happen to have some copies of the newly released SCHOOLED IN REVENGE, the new companion novel to the REVENGE TV show (which I’m totally addicted to). I’ve had the opportunity to read it, and it’s so much fun! Besides, what could be better than angels and revenge?


There is a first, second and third prize, plus five — yes, FIVE — additional prizes of both books. You can win entries by commenting, tweeting a link to the contest (up to once a day for the duration of the contest) and adding the TEMPTATION cover to your Pinterest board.

Contest open to US residents (or those with a US mailing address) and runs from today through 9/15 at midnight.

After that, it’ll be time to kickoff a huge round of fun and giveaways leading up to the THIS WICKED GAME release November 14th!

Note: If the Rafflecopter entry box does not appear on your screen, try refreshing the page.

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Contests & Giveaway Reading

Win a Fantine Necklace and Manuscript Page from Seduction!

This week’s recipe is being pre-empted by a contest announcement. Because sometimes great books and amazing freebies at better than food.



Seriously, though. I know I haven’t done a giveaway in a long time, and for someone who was once legendary for them, I feel bad about that. So I’m sending you to M.J. Rose’s giveaway instead. If you haven’t read M.J.’s previous books (The Reincarnationist and The Book of Lost Fragrances among them), you’re missing out. She’s so talented at weaving historical mystery with modern characters. Her books are incredibly atmospheric, and I know I can always count on them for a really immersive (I think I just made up a word!) read.

M.J.’s newest book, SEDUCTION, comes out very soon, and to celebrate, M.J. is giving away signed manuscript pages AND the amazing Fantine necklace you see on the cover of the book.

Take a look at her website for more info! And to tide you over, here’s the summary for SEDUCTION;

In 1843, novelist Victor Hugo’s beloved nineteen-year-old daughter drowned. Ten years later, still grieving, Hugo initiated hundreds of séances from his home on the Isle of Jersey in order to reestablish contact with her. In the process, he claimed to have communed with Plato, Galileo, Shakespeare, Dante, Jesus—and even the devil himself. Hugo’s transcriptions of these conversations have all been published.

Or so it has been believed . . .

Recovering from a great loss, mythologist Jac L’Etoile thinks that throwing herself into work will distract her from her grief. In the hopes of uncovering a secret about the island’s mysterious Celtic roots, she arrives on Jersey and is greeted by ghostly Neolithic monuments, medieval castles and hidden caves. But the man who has invited her there, a troubled soul named Theo Gaspard, hopes she’ll help him discover something quite different— transcripts of Hugo’s lost conversations with someone he called the Shadow of the Sepulcher. Central to his heritage, these are the papers his grandfather died trying to find. Neither Jac nor Theo anticipate that the mystery surrounding Victor Hugo will threaten their sanity and put their very lives at stake.

Seduction is a historically evocative and atmospheric tale of suspense with a spellbinding ghost story at its heart, written by one of America’s most gifted and imaginative novelists. Awakening a mystery that spans centuries, this multilayered gothic tale brings a time, a place and a cast of desperate characters brilliantly to life.

Contests & Giveaway Shadowguard Series

Congrats, Vivien and Len!

You are the winners of the Shadowguard Series Launch Giveaway!

Vivien, you won four e-books from Swoon Romance plus a $50 gift card to the bookstore of your choice. Len can also claim four e-books from Swoon along with a $25 gift card to the bookstore of your choice.

Please email with “Shadowguard Series Launch Winner” in the Subject header to claim your prizes.

Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word about the series. If you enjoy the novella, please continue to spread the word and review the books on Amazon. Especially with e-books, reviews make a huge difference, moving books up in searches and generally making readers feel more confident about giving an author a try.

And stay tuned for the soon-to-be released cover of Temptation’s Fire, the third book in the Shadowguard novella trilogy!


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Winners of the Shadowguard Cover Giveaway

Ahem. Time to announce the winners of Shadowguard Cover Giveaway. To enter, all you had to do was comment on the covers of TEMPTATION’S HEAT and TEMPTATION’S KISS. It could be anything.

Even, “Holy boob!” as my editor said. Lol!

And the winners are… *cue drum roll*


Francoise B


You each win a copy of Temptation’s Heat and Temptation’s Kiss, plus two more novellas – Captivated By You by Diane Alberts and Unwrap Me by Samantha Spencer and Carolina Jordan – from Swoon Romance. To claim your prizes, email with Shadowguard Series Cover Giveaway in the Subject line. Please include whether you’d like Nook or Kindle versions of your books.

Thanks for entering and remember that you still have time to win these four books PLUS a $50 or $25 gift card to the book store of your choice in the Shadowguard Launch Giveaway! You have until Midnight EST on 12/20 to enter.

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Shadowguard Series Launch Giveaway!









You guys! Temptation’s Heat and Temptation’s Kiss, books one and two in the Shadowguard series, are out and ready for your hot little hands.

Emphasis on the word HOT.

In many ways, the Shadowguard series represents a departure for me. While my work to date has been exclusively YA, the Shadowguard series is solidly adult (and pretty steamy, if I do say so myself).

But a story is a story, and I like to think the Shadowguard series has all the elements that readers love in my other work; complex characters, tons of atmosphere, and of course, plenty of sexy (although these are significantly steamier than any of my YA work). I’m having great fun playing in this new world, and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

To celebrate, I’m kicking off an awesome giveaway. Because you all know how I love me some giveaways.

Up for grabs is a $50 gift card and a $25 gift card (to the bookstore of your choice) plus copies of both novellas. And there are lots of ways to enter! You get one entry for each time you tweet a link to the giveaway (limit of one per day), one entry for each review you post on Amazon and/or B&N (four possible entries if you review both books on both sites), one entry for posting the covers on your Pinterest board, and FIVE entries for changing you Twitter pic to either cover.

Just post links to your reviews, Pinterest board, and Twitter profile in the comments section! Giveaway open now through 12/20 at Midnight EST.

Thanks so much for helping me celebrate!

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Contests & Giveaway

And now, for something completely different…

Those of you who follow me on Facebook know I’ve been hinting at an announcement for quite some time. The truth is, I have a lot of different irons in the fire right now and hope to have a couple announcements for you in the coming weeks.

But here’s my big one for today;

Acclaimed young adult author Michelle Zink’s debut adult steamy paranormal romance novella, TEMPTATION’S HEAT, the first in a 3-book series featuring members of The Shadowguard, an elite group of assassins whose passion for forbidden entanglements may bring more than one of them to their knees to Georgia McBride at Swoon Romance by Steven Malk of Writers House for publication in Fall 2012 (World English).









There will be AT LEAST three Shadowguard novellas (the third will be out in January) starting with TEMPTATION’S HEAT and TEMPTATION’S KISS. It has been so much fun to play in this new creative space, and I’m excited to share more about my decision to expand my writing repertoire in the coming days.

For now, I just want to share the good news! The most exciting part? These first two novellas will be out on TUESDAY.

That’s right. THIS TUESDAY, December 4th.

Keep an eye on my Facebook page, Twitter, and this blog for more information plus awesome contests and giveaways. In the meantime, let’s kick off my announcement in style, because you KNOW how I like to give stuff away!

Winning this one is easy; just comment on the covers (here on the blog) thru Tuesday, December 4th, and be entered to win both novellas plus two more from Swoon Romance, Unwrap Me by Samantha Spencer and Carolina Jordan, and Captivated by You by Diane Alberts. Three winners will be chosen at random.

Super excited to share this with you guys!


Contests & Giveaway

Two and Twenty Dark Tales Releases!

Just a quick post to say… WOOT! Today is the official release day of TWO AND TWENTY DARK TALES, and anthology of dark Mother Goose retellings.

I was fortunate enough to co-edit this beautiful book with Georgia McBride, founder of YALitChat and publisher of Month 9 Books. I don’t know what I’m more excited about — the fact that I was able to edit so many amazing stories, the fact that got to contribute one of my own, or the fact that I am in such amazingly talented company including Sarwat Chadda,Karen Mahoney Angie Frazier, Lisa Mantchev, C. Lee McKenzie, K.M. Walton, Gretchen McNeil, Pamela Van Hylckama Clieg, Suzanne Young, Suzanne Lazear, Nancy Holder, Sayantani DasGupta, Nina Berry, Leah Cypess, Shannon Delany w/ Max Scialdone, Jessie Harrell and Leigh Fallon, and an amazing foreword by Francisco X. Stork.

So, let’s celebrate! Post in the Comments section your reason for wanting to read TWO AND TWENTY DARK TALES. I’ll pick a winner among all the entries. Contest ends at midnight EST Monday October 22nd and is open to residents of the US and Canada.

Also, take a look at an interview I did for Hypable and find out five random facts about me.

Yanno, in case you were wondering.


Contests & Giveaway

THE BLESSED Giveaway Winner!

Congrats to Enna (@ennapenglin), winner of THE BLESSED prize pack! Enna, send an email to to claim your prize. Please include your shipping address.

Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate the release of THE BLESSED by Tonya Hurley by entering the giveaway and spreading the word. Hope you all get a chance to read it soon!


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The Blessed Giveaway

Today I’m super excited to celebrate the release of THE BLESSED.

That’s because A) it’s awesome, and B) Tonya Hurley, its author, is equally awesome.

I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC of THE BLESSED a couple of months ago and quickly devoured it. Gritty, dark, and seething with violence and danger, it brings something new to the YA table.

And that is not very easy to do these days.

So to celebrate, I’m giving away a prize pack (generously donated by Tonya) including;

One signed copy of the book (which is GORGEOUS, as you can see!)

An incense burner

Frankincense incense

A handmade Blessed bracelet

Aside from being riveting and wholly original, the book itself is stunning, with interior art and a reversible cover that is both eerie and beautiful.

As you can see, there are TONS of ways to win. You get one entry each for commenting, following Tonya on Twitter, following me on Twitter (mandatory for entry validation), liking THE BLESSED Facebook page on Facebook, liking the Prophecy of the Sisters Facebook Page, and tweeting a link to the giveaway.

And that’s not all. You get FIVE ENTRIES for changing your Twitter picture to a picture of THE BLESSED cover for the duration of this giveaway. That’s right! FIVE!

Giveaway runs for two weeks starting now and is open to residents of the US and Canada or anyone with a US mailing address.

So what are you waiting for?!

















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Contests & Giveaway Prophecy of the Sisters

Circle of Fire Prize Packs! Want One? Get One!

I think I got my box of Circle of Fire paperbacks sometime in July. I’d intended to do a giveaway then, but…. yeah. Needless to say, I’m a bit behind.

But better late than never, right? Especially when it means a giveaway!

So here’s your chance to win one of five (5) Circle of Fire Prize Packs. Each prize pack includes a signed copy of Circle of Fire, a Victoria Secret body spray, a Circle of Fire wristband, one of my super gorgeous bookmarks, and a mini candle with metal holder.

To enter, all you have to do is tweet about the giveaway, including a link. Don’t have Twitter? No problem! You can post about the giveaway and include a link on any social networking platform including Facebook, Tumblr, etc. Just post a link to your post in the Comments section and we’ll include your entries.

Contest runs from today through Friday September 21st at Midnight EST. You can tweet or post about the contest once a day for a total of 23 possible entries. Giveaway open to US and Canadian residents or anyone with a US mailing address.




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No Light, No Light + Winners!

This week’s song comes to you courtesy of Melissa, one of my favorite bloggers and readers. I LOVE all of Florence + the Machine’s music, but this is probably one of my favorites.

Thanks, Melissa!

I also need to announce the winners of the Escape Into Books Super Summer Giveaway. *cue drum roll*

The winners of a massive summer prize pack are… Nevey and Christina.

Congrats, you guys! Both winners were chosen by the RNG (Random Number Generator). Please email Rebekah at with your full name and mailing address and we’ll get your prize packs right out to you.

Everyone else; stay tuned for the next giveaway. And in the meantime, enjoy this week’s song!


Contests & Giveaway Life

A Week, er, MONTH in the Life!

Since I’ve been off the radar so long, this week’s Week in the Life is a Month in the Life.


And don’t forget this is the last day to enter the Escape Into Books Super Summer Giveaway!

Contests & Giveaway Life Prophecy of the Sisters

Here I Am!

So sorry for the radio silence, guys. The last month has been extremely busy as I’ve prepared for Rebekah’s high school graduation and attended book events, all while under some very tough deadlines.

But Rebekah is officially a graduate (I can’t believe it!), book events are past until August when I attend YA Fest in Pennsylvania, and my deadlines are starting to feel somewhat under control.


Having said that, it IS summer, so while I’ll try to keep up with my regular blog features, I hope you’ll forgive the occasional lapse. I plan to spend the summer working on three new proposals (and getting back to work on my adult novel), hiking, sleeping, catching up on movies, and spending time with my teens (especially Rebekah who will be moving into her dorm August 23rd). In between, I’ll do my my best to keep up with Song of the Week, movie reviews, Thursday Night Write, the Friday Poll, and my Week in the Life.

A couple of quick updates;

You can still enter to win one of two big summer prize packs in the Escape Into Books Super Summer Giveaway. Entering is easy, and both prize packs contain summer essentials like a big stack of my favorite guilty reads, a tote bag, gift card, lip balm, body spray, etc. But it only runs until the end of the month, so hurry!

Also a quick reminder that the first two Prophecy of the Sisters novellas, Whisper of Souls (told from the point of view of Lia and Alice’s mother before her death) and Mistress of Souls (the highly anticipated novella from Alice’s point of view) have both been released and are available for download from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple. It’s been super fun to explore these Prophecy stories, and I’m especially excited for the release of the final novella, Rise of Souls, which will let you in on what happens when Lia returns to Altus Island after Circle of Fire.

I hope you enjoy them!


Contests & Giveaway

Escape Into Books Super Summer Giveaway

Back in April after the release of A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS, I promised you guys monthly giveaways. The fact that I haven’t done one until now is solely due to a writing schedule that quickly turned insane. You may have noticed over the past couple of months that my posting — and even my regular features — have been sporadic.

I’m sorry! Lately, it’s been all I can do to keep my head above water.

But I’m finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, and to celebrate, I’m giving away not one but two AH-mazing Summer Prize packs!

Each of this prize packs contain a summer tote, a $10 iTunes gift card, lip balm, a nail care kit, nail polish, Bath & Body Works body spray, summer candle, and a Hope notebook for all your secret summer thoughts.

One of the prize packs contains the first four books of one of the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning (one of my new favorites!). The other contains four books that I ADORED in my early twenties because they made me want to travel the world, do amazing things, and fall in love in exotic place; Mistral’s Daughter, Princess Daisy, and Scruples by Judith Krantz and Wanderlust by Danielle Steele (such a great ravel book!).

In addition, I’ll give each winner a free download of any one of the three Prophecy of the Sisters novellas; Whisper of Souls, Mistress of Souls, or Rise of Souls.

There are a couple of ways to enter. Get one point for each of the following;

Post a link to the giveaway on Facebook (tag me)

Post a link to the giveaway on Twitter (mention @michellezink in your tweet)

Write a blog post about the giveaway (post a link here)

Post a comment telling me your favorite summer read (doesn’t have to be YA)

Contest runs now through Saturday, June 30th at Midnight EST. Two winners will be chosen at random. Giveaway open to US/Canadian readers.


Contests & Giveaway Music Song of the Week

Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

I’m on deadline this week and didn’t have time to poll you guys for a song, so here’s one of my tried and true favorites.

Hope you enjoy it!

And check back tomorrow for the Escape Into Book Summer Reading Giveaway! I’ll be giving away two big summer reading packs with tote bags and other summer essentials along with some of my favorite addictive reads. I want to help you guys start your summer off right!


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The Cuh-razy Coffer of Carnival Madness!!!

Okay, so I promised something special for those of you coming to see me at this year’s TEEN AUTHOR CARNIVAL, and I’m here to deliver.

Behold, the Cuh-razy Coffer of carnival Madness!!!

Here’s how it works; if you’re at the Fourth Annual Teen Author Carnival tomorrow night at the Jefferson Market Branch Library in New York City, all you have to do is get in my signing line with a book, and you get to choose a prize from the Cuh-razy Coffer of Carnival Madness. There are an array of goodies on offer – all wrapped to preserve the surprise – including nail polish, picture frames, iTunes gift cards, body sprays, candles, lip gloss, Prophecy of the Sisters t-shirts, vouchers for free downloads of Whisper of Souls (the first of three Prophecy novellas which release tomorrow), picture frames, books (hardcovers, paperbacks, and ARCs) plus ONE $50 VISA gift card.

YOU MUST HAVE ONE OF MY BOOKS TO SIGN in order to play. It can be an ARC. a book from home, or one you purchase at the Carnival. I’m happy to sign anything else you want to bring and also happy to say hello and chat for a minute, but you can only pick from the Cuh-razy Coffer of Carnival Madness is you have one of my books in hand to sign.

And don’t forget! There will be TONS of amazing authors at the 2012 Teen Author Carnival. It’s always a blast with fun, interesting panels and ample opportunity to chat with authors and book people.

Hope to see you there!


A Temptation of Angels Contests & Giveaway

And the Ipad Contest Winners Are…

I know you’re all waiting anxiously to hear the winners of the Ipad giveaway, so without further ado…

The Grand Prize winner of a new Ipad and $50 Itunes gift card is Tiffany Mahaffy.

First Place Prize Pack; Jessirae Lloyd

Second Place Prize Pack; Aurora Momcilovich

Third Place Prize Pack; Crystal Martinez

Congratulations to all the winners and A HUGE THANK YOU for helping me spread the word about the release of A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS. Please send an email to to claim your prize. All winners were chosen my Random Number Generator, but with over 6,000 total entries, I don’t think it’s a surprise that these four peeps had the most entries. They all worked tirelessly — some in very inventive ways — to get the word out. At the same time, there were tons of people who helped out and aren’t on this list, and I want you all to know how very much I appreciate you.

As always it means so much to me to have your support. If you enjoyed A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS, please continue to spread the word by recommending the book to your friends and posting a review on Amazon or B&N online. For the time being, I’m going to continue offering free bookplates to anyone who purchases a copy of TEMPTATION. If you have a reading friend or family member and would like to purchase a copy for them, just send an email to and we’ll send you out a bookplate as long as they last (or until I get tired of buying them!).

I also want to announce that I will be hosting monthly giveaways until my next book comes out next year. Sometimes the prize packs will feature books signed by other authors, sometimes other goodies of my choosing.

But you all know I give good swag, so stay tuned.


Congrats again to our winners!

A Temptation of Angels Contests & Giveaway Music

A Temptation of Angels Playlist Song #7 – Vices

I know, I know… Another Brand New song! But this one is perfect for sickle training.

I’m also pleased to announce Shelley Koons as the winner of the $250 bookstore gift card! Thanks to everyone who rushed out to buy a copy of A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS in-store. And stay tuned, because I will continue to offer AH-mazing giveaways and will announce the Ipad contest winners on Saturday.


In the meantime, check this song. And don’t’ be turned off by its militant vibe. As with all Brand New songs, you really have to listen to the lyrics.

A Temptation of Angels Contests & Giveaway Music

A Temptation of Angels Contemporary Playlist Songs 3 and 4

Sorry I blew it on the Temptation playlist song of the day yesterday! I spent the day on a college visit with Rebekah and came home BEAT.

To make it up to you, I’m giving you Songs 3 AND 4 tonight!

This one is song #3 and is labeled “Helen discovers her identity” on my playlist. I’ve always loved this cover of the Eurythmics original, and it’s a perfect fit here.

The 4th song on the contemporary playlist is Heartbeat by the Fray. I see this song when Helen and Griffin first become friends, walking the streets of London, getting to know each other, and doing sickle training in the ballroom.

Hope you guys enjoy these!

On another note, the Ipad GIveaway is officially closed. Thanks so much to everyone who entered in the month of March by helping me spread the word about A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS. You really made a difference. Winners will be announced on Friday April 7th, so stay tuned!

You still have a couple days to enter for the $250 store gift card by buying a copy of A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS in any brick-and-mortar bookstore (ANY store, as long as it’s not online). So many people bought copies online that we have surprisingly few entries for this mega gift card, which means great chances of winning. So hurryyy!

A Temptation of Angels Contests & Giveaway Music

Temptation Playlist Song #2 – Search and Destroy by 30 Seconds to Mars

After posting the first song on the A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS playlist yesterday, I wanted to continue by giving you guys the second song, chosen for Helen’s escape. Those of you who have read the book will know what I mean.

Hope you enjoy it! And don’t forget there’s still a few more days to enter the $250 gift card giveaway for buying a copy of A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS in any brick-and-mortar store as well as two more days to enter to win the Ipad and assorted other goodies.