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Blogger Reviews, Giveaways, and a $250 Gift Card!

Okay, I’m sort of recovered from the crazy that was release day for A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS. If I owe you an email or a tweet or a Facebook comment or ANYTHING, I promise you, I’m working on it.

First things first; Like many people, I buy a lot of stuff online. I live in a very rural area where the nearest bookstore is almost an hour away, the nearest Thai restaurant is 40 minutes away, and the only restaurant in town that delivers is a pizza place – four of them, to be exact.

As a single mother to four teenagers, sometimes I just can’t get in my car and make the haul somewhere to buy something (not to mention how expensive gas is – eeek!). Enter online shopping.

That said, I would HATE to come to a place where we don’t have any more brick and mortar stores, because sometimes, there’s nothing like going to a bookstore or a music store or a natural foods store and just… wandering. So I’m going to do something to encourage brick and mortar buying.

I’m offering up entries for a $250 bookstore gift card (you can choose – Indiebound, Books-a-Million, B&N, Book Depository, Amazon, etc.) to anyone who purchases A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS in ANY brick-and-mortar store.

Yes. $250!

All you have to do is send a picture of your receipt (please make sure it’s legible) to

And I’ll give you one entry for EVERY copy of TEMPTATION you purchase at a brick and mortar store.

This giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canada (the release date for Temptation is different in other countries) and runs from the release day of TEMPTATION (March 20th) through Midnight EST on Tuesday April 3rd. So if you purchased the book at a brick and mortar store prior to now, you are still eligible to win. If you’ve already supplied a brick and mortar receipt for a bookplate, just shoot as en email and we’ll enter you automatically. Plus, I’ll still send you a signed bookplate for your book and a bookmark.

That’s it! No tweeting, no Facebook status, no blog posts. Just a receipt for your copy or copies of TEMPTATION from a brick and mortar store.

Now, I need to give a little blog review and giveaway love!

Seventeen Magazine said A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS, “…will leave you craving more until the very end.”

The Story Siren is hosting a TEMPTATION swag giveaway and said about the book; “An absolutely beautiful story! I only hope there is more to come! There is more, right?”

Alice Marvels said A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS is, “… always a delicious, captivating ride.”

Dark Faerie Tales said, “Zink builds a convincing and mysterious world around historical London that will keep you turning the pages!”

Esther’s Ever After called TEMPTATION, “… an addictive, fascinating, page-turner that’s remarkably refreshing for its genre.”

Christine Fonseca, author of another angel book called LACRIMOSA, says TEMPTATION is, “… a beautifully crafted historical tale that tackles themes I can really relate to – love, betrayal, temptation.”

The Book Faery said Temptation was, “… most definitely a One-Sit-Read for me, my highest honor!”

Nina Reads said, “Michelle Zink has once again created something completely original… If this is not on your to-read list already, add it now!”

Starting the Next Chapter said, “Michelle Zink has created a wonderfully imaginative take on the battle between angels and demons that will set your imagination alight.

Thanks for all the kind words, you guys!

And there are some blogger giveaways still in play, too!

Novel Thoughts has two awesome TEMPTATION prize packs up for grabs!

There is ONE MORE DAY to enter WhatchYAReading’s giveaway, including swag and book store gift cards!

The Story Siren’s TEMPTATION giveaway also includes swag and a book store gift card!

You have two more weeks to enter I Am a Reader Not a Writer’s giveaway for a signed copy of A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS plus swag.

Aaaaand! Don’t forget that you still have 9 days to enter the massive Ipad giveaway right here! There are tons of amazing prizes, and all you have to do is help me spread the word that Temptation is out in the world. Easy!

And lastly, a big shout out and thank you to Kelsey at Reading or Breathing for rallying the troops to help me with a little distribution problem. 😉

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A brick and mortar store is a physical book store, hon. It can be an Indie, a Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, etc. It just has to be a book bought in a store, not online!

I’m so thrilled that everyone has SUCH AMAZING things to say about A Temptation of Angels!

I’ve only been reading it for 2 days and am almost done! It’s SUCH a good read and has held me captivated since the first page.

Woohoo for you!

Thanks so much, Jamieson! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it and that you’re Superfan Pack FINALLY arrived!

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