Better Late Than Never


Okay, so I’m a little late. I was busy blowing horns and wearing party hats. And then I was busy with the flu, which wasn’t nearly as much fun.

I always give some thought to resolutions as I close out one year and begin another. And while I understand people who don’t bother with them (the argument usually being that if you want to change, you should do it then and there, not wait for a new year), I’ve made a lot of positive changes through resolutions in the past. Among them; becoming vegetarian, starting a garden, composting, quitting soda, quitting TV, making yoga a part of my daily life, and going to meditation practice at my local Buddhist center.

All of those are things I did as a result of resolutions. Even more amazing, they are things I’ve stuck with. So I thought I’d share a few of mine for 2013.

Long yoga at least three days a week – Making yoga a part of my daily life was a big deal, but I’m finally at the point where it is a habit. It is fairly rare for me not to do at least a basic flow. The problem is, I rely on my tried and true sequence of poses a little too much. Now that I’ve made it part of my routine, I’d like to expand my flow from an average of 20 minutes to about 40.

Meditate at least once every day for any length of time – As with yoga, just making meditation a part of my life has been a huge accomplishment. I now have a meditation cushion in my office, and that is a good reminder to meditate. Unfortunately, I still tend to forgo meditation when I’m very busy or tired, probably the very times I need it most. So this year, I’m aiming for daily meditation, even if that sitting period is only five minutes. I’m banking on the fact that forming the habit is the most important part, not the length of the sit.

No animal products Monday through Thursday – Shortly after becoming vegetarian, we all realized how much better we felt on the days when we didn’t eat any animal products at all. For awhile, I was able to be vegan Monday through Thursday, but then I got lazy. I’m aiming to go back to that schedule in 2013 because I just FEEL better.

Take one full day off a week – I realized while having the flu that I can’t remember the last time I had a real day off. And by that I mean no Facebook, no Twitter, no answering emails, no writing, no editing (for myself or my freelance clients), no revising. That has to change because I am FRIED. So I am aiming for one full day off a week this year, a day in which I don’t have to do anything at all.

Take one weekend off a month – Okay, this is crazy talk! But I’m going to try.

Finish two projects – I have two projects that are at the 35,000 word mark. This year, I will finish them bot in addition to the other projects I have under contract.

What about you guys? What’s on tap for you in 2013? Do tell!


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Thank you Michelle for the encouraging words, I’m struggling to keep up with my two goals. I told myself I’d practise guitar everyday and write everyday it shouldn’t be hard when the key is around my neck and the guitar is just screaming to be played. So how can I motivate myself.

I will let go of things I have no control over and remember to breathe, really breathe – not these quick, panicky breaths I’ve been doing for the past year. I’m going to stop and enjoy things again, instead of spending my days and nights worrying. I’m going to see the beauty in life and show more gratitude. Finally, I’m going to make my dreams a reality before my dad passes.
These might sound a little hokey, but they’re important to me. Good luck on your resolutions, Michelle!

Those are wonderful resolutions, Rebecca. Do you meditate? I’ve found that it helps me a lot with the breathing thing, not only while I’m meditating but even when I’m not. Meditation forces you to be in the moment, and that has been good practice for me in general. I used to have the worst anxiety, but for the first time in my life, I feel like I have it under control. None of your goals are hokey!

Thank you! I haven’t been able to obtain a meditative state without falling asleep – yet. It’s something I keep trying. Glad to hear it helped your anxiety. I’d be thrilled to have mine under control.

I also want to tell you how much I appreciate not only your work, but how you interact with your fans. You make the world a nicer place. Thank you for that. <3

Rebecca…. That is such a nice thing to say. Especially since I often wonder if I’m boring. I think that’s been my biggest struggle in terms of blogging. I just can’t believe people will find most of what goes on in my everyday mind very interesting. I’m not one of those witty-all-the-time writers. I like to consider my words; great for writing, not so great for blogging on a daily basis.

Thank you for making me feel like being myself is enough.


Finish my current project, start on another, meditate everyday and give up alcohol.

I’ve also made a huge change on my blog, which has been doing really well.

Glad to see your doing better Michelle and that you have such awesome goals for the year.

So glad you’re starting the year focused and excited, Brian! Sending you and the family wishes for a wonderful 2013!

Happy (Belated) New Year Michelle!

My resolution is to get better at actually replying to blog posts rather than lurking 🙂 So here I am! In addition I WILL finish my novel. 13 is my favorite number so I see no better year than this one to query in.

That’s a good one, Shelley! Even lurking would be an improvement over what I do. Lol!

And fingers crossed for you! There is indeed no time like the present.

The same thing with vegetarian is happening at Chez Brodsky. We’re going part-time vegetarian to start, but we all felt better, too. Hmmm. Must swap favorite recipes.

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