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Be Tempted to Love Yourself Valentine Giveaway!

Sometimes, Valentine’s Day makes me sad.

Not because I’m single and haven’t been on a date in four years. On the contrary, being single these past four years has been a choice. It’s allowed me to focus on my children, my work, and myself.

It’s been strangely gratifying and liberating and yes, even FUN.

Which is what I feel sad when I see people feeling lonely on Valentine’s Day. This is especially true of young women, because in previous generations, it was common to equate a significant other with a sense of self-worth. But now? In 2012?!

Girls!! The world is your oyster! You can do and be anything you can possibly dream or imagine. You can do it on your own terms, without rules dictated to you by society or family or a spouse. You can choose someone to be a partner, not because you NEED one, but because that particular person adds something special to your world. Something no one else can bring to the table. And you know what?

You can buy your own damn Valentine! Because — and I’m letting you in on a little family motto that I frequently repeat to my children and all the young people in my life –no one can take care of you like you.

Let me say that again; NO ONE CAN TAKE CARE OF YOU LIKE YOU.

You know what you need and when you need it. You are uniquely equipped to care for yourself, be gentle with yourself, be GOOD to yourself, and that’s true whether we’re talking about a box of your favorite chocolates, a cup of tea, a bubble bath, a girl’s night out, a movie curled up in bed with ice cream, an awesome book, a walk in the woods.

Only you really knows what YOU need.

So this Valentines Giveaway is all about YOU loving YOU. As I do every year, I’m going to help get you started by offering up this awesome Be Tempted to Love Yourself Valentine’s Day Prize Pack.

It includes;

A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS ARC (advance reader copy)

A Victoria’s Secret set with makeup bag, body spray, bath gel, and body lotion in Pure Seduction.

A vanilla candle

Nail polish in High Roller

A box of Lindt Chocolate truffles (there are some GOOD ones in there!)


A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS postcard with message from moi

A bath loofah

I hope whoever wins will use these goodies to plan a special day or night just for herself, complete with pampering and no-guilt consuming of chocolate.

You can take a bath, cue up a chick-flick (or an action flick, if you’re like me), paint your nails, and eat chocolate to your heart’s content! And I hope anyone who DOESN’T win will be inspired to do something nice for yourself not just on Valentine’s Day — but anytime you need and want the TLC. Because you deserve it!

And if you’re a dude, you can add this stuff to the already awesome stuff I’m SURE you’re doing for the special woman in your life.

Entering is easy! You get one point for the following;

Leave a comment sharing something you do to take care of you

Post a link to the contest on Twitter (1 entry for each tweet)

Post a link to the contest on Facebook (1 entry for each post)

When you’re done, email your total number of entries to Giveaway is open to entrants in the US and Canada and runs now through Sunday, February 12th at Midnight EST.

<3 you guys!

58 replies on “Be Tempted to Love Yourself Valentine Giveaway!”

I like to wake up a little bit before my kids and do a workout video because it helps me to wake up on my terms and to feel good about doing something healthy instead of using the excuse that I have no time for myself.

This is an amazing gift from an amazing author! To treat myself, I take my horse on a trail ride. I love to ride, and the trails are so relaxing and beautiful. It’s nice to take a day off once in awhile and just enjoy life. Sometimes I take a few girlfriends with me and then we have a girl’s night out after the trail ride!

I so wanna read ur book. Hopefully will see If I win got my fing.ers crossed…. Thx a bunch.. 😉

great giveaway! To take care of myself, I let myself have the occasional relaxing bubble bath 🙂

What do I do to take care of me…Well I don’t do much girly stuff but I buy myself lots and lots of books. Anytime I am depressed? Buy some books. Anytime I am stressed? Buy some books. I love it and my soul loves it too. And it is way better than spending money on makeup or clothes.

I spend hours in bookstores and when I get home pick one up and devour as much of it as I can. That usually makes me feel loads better.

The things I do for me are simple long hot bubble bath fallowed by a good book….but for the weeks that are extra stressful I break out the pedicure and manicure set. It makes me happy to be creative on my fingers and toes 🙂

I really need to work on the whole treating myself thing! But I do take at least one bath a week and I try to keep scented bath salts on hand to really relax as much as possible. I hope I win but good luck to all! I know I am not the only woman who puts husband children and or career before herself and we ALL need some TLC!

I take care of myself by taking care of my body. I’ve been trying to lose weight to be more healthy and I’ve lost 15 lbs. since last November.

The main thing that I do to take care of myself is doing my nails. While I was in graduate school I was crazy stressed out and needed a way to calm down. I started doing my nails every night, and I found it to be a great way to zen out!

I’ve been taking care of myself by losing weight, but also by pursuing my dream and applying to graduate school. Doing something that makes me happy and that I enjoy.

I like to dim the lights in my bathroom, listen to som classical music and read my favorite book in the bathtub with candles all around my bathtub. It is soo relaxing and peaceful, I fall into my own little world.

The thing I do for me….I always spring for the professional haircut a few times a year. It’s such a luxury to go and have someone good cut and wash it. It’s more than I should spend but I always feel beautiful afterwards which is something I don’t always feel like when I’m busy with life stuff.

I drink tea, take naps, and either watch Netflix or read books to take care of myself 🙂

One of the things I do for myself is cross stitch. It keeps me sane while I’m unemployed and takes up a lot of time 🙂

I take 1 day a week and sleep in, take a long shower and lay in bed reading or watching a new movie. I leave the laundry and cleaning for another day

My favorite way to treat myself, is after my kids go to bed, I’ll stay awake for a few more hours and read. I can actually concentrate on what’s going on during the story. It’s the only time my house is quiet, and I take advantage of it!

I’m usualy one to be around my friends and my boyfriend and my family alot.but sometimes I just chill by myself and do some yoga or play some video games like Little Big Planet! And I also love to get my hair done, Nothing Better!

I would love to win this! I want My friend to have the ARC the book Mark and post cArd Seeing has I already have those items. And I would love to have the supplies because I like Makeing people over and I think these items would be great addition for my makeup/Spa kit that I use on My family, friends, Boyfriend, and Myself 🙂

What do I do to take care of myself? I like to lose myself in a good book with a cup of tea or coffee and an occasional treat. : ) I also block off time to catch up with my mom on skype – there’s a 13 hour time difference so it takes some planning. These things keep me happy and sane. Thanks so much for hosting the contest!

What a great giveaway! I LOVE the idea of loving yourself. What I like to do is give myself flowers. I LOVE flowers and I buy them to have around. Why wait for a man to buy some grocery store flowers, not me! I Order them once a month from my florist and when I need even move flower LOVE I go to the Botanical gardens right down the road and walk among the greenhouse filled with fantastic blooms. Flowers for me feed my soul and make me smile. Thanks for the chance to show myself a little love this Valentines day.

Let’s see… when I need to calm down, I drink tea or take naps. I usually try pushing away my sorrow by writing or listening to music. And every so often, I’ll splurge on books. I “rewarded” myself with a new e-reader a few months ago — best decision ever. 😀

The only thing I do for myself is try to read for a half hour per day. That and get on twitter to read up on new authors=)

Before I get into what I do to take care of myself, I want to say that I share your sentiment about Valentine’s day. It’s been officially 6 years since I’ve been single, and 5 1/2 years since I’ve even been on a date. But I don’t feel bad. Part of the time was spent all day in college, and the rest was just doing some me work. I’m not worried about getting a boyfriend right now, even if my younger sisters are both married now. I’m focused on my career right now, and possibly moving to the east coast to get work since I’m having trouble in Vegas. The only man I’d let in my life right now would be one to help me along the way! Even tho my family tries to pressure me into dating again, I’m not going to until I get the success I’ve been working so hard for! Unless it’s Chris Pine, I’ll say yes for that handsome devil 😉

Anyways, sorry for the rant. My best way to feel good about myself is do what I’m best at-acting and writing. Expressing myself creatively gives me an outlet to express myself. Sometimes I treat myself to some chocolaty goodness or a cocktail. I also like to take a bath and exercise. And keeping myself surrounded by positive people-negativity is just not productive!

One of my favorite things to do for myself is wait until my children are in bed and read or take a hot bath. It’s so relaxing to do what I want to do in peace and quiet! Especially because I won’t have much of it with my third child on the way! 🙂

What do I do for myself? Hmm… I would have to say that it would be painting my nails. That’s about it. I’m not totally girly and so not high maintenance but it’s relaxing for some weird reason. And pretty. hah.

Thank you for the amazingly cute giveaway.

I very rarely pamper myself. I worry about everyone else in my house. Once a week if I am lucky I take a nice warm bath and talk to my baby belly. I have a 3credit yr old so being alone for time for me barely happens

wow sooo many people entering. i’ve never had a boyfriend so I’ve always had to spend valentines day alone. The only person who got me a V-Day gift one time was my dad when I was small and yet to young to have bf. I love pampering myself but don’t have the time or money. I’m busy with school(should be working on projects atm but im entering here lol)and don’t have a job. My alone or escape time is in my computer room listening to my music to my heart’s content. I should be journaling more but I would rather do it in privacy and have no interpretions. I spend money on my hair once every 3 months to get a cut-colour it makes me feel better and i usually do it for a special occasion like at the end of the month Im going to concert so it’s time to do the hair, makeup and nails(the concert’s in march but I’ll be busy with finals so I have too do it at the end of the month). and who doesn’t love chocolate!

Hmmm… what do I do? I guess, when I’m pset over something or need to vent, I write and write. A lot. Sometimes, it doesn’t even make sense, but it definitely helps to get things off my chest (:

Something I do to take care of myself isssss…watch my girly shows! I get my drama from the lying game, Jane by design and (my favorite) pretty little liars! I do not know what I would do without them!!! Oh and I also buy all the books I want( when I can afford it) haha 🙂 thanksforbthe opurtunity to win these great prizes!!!!!

cool!!! i love this contest!!!! what i could do to take care of me you ask???
well, when i get my money, i could buy new clothes or shoes, or even a bunch of lip gloss from bath and body works !!!!! or more cute things from the sanrio (aka hello kitty and friends!!!) store. or get a new haircut or take art classes to control the stress from school/work. or watch some funny movies with friends. or take a bubble bath with scented soap. or go and buy stuff at the one dollar section at target. or paint my nails. or do some crafts (i love this!!!!) or read your books!!! or other things i want to type but i want to save some space for other people.

Thanks a lot!!! 🙂 🙂 😉 <3 <3 <3

To take care of myself I try to get plenty of sleep, play with my ferrets whenever I have time because they bring joy to my day, and read. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

every day i take care of me… I go for walks with me, I watch the moon, take long showers, and watch my orchids grow… and once a week i get a massage, go to the hair salon, make myself a pedicure and a manicure!! Before I can nuture anyone I gotta nurture myself!! 🙂 This year I decided not to date anyone on Valentine’s day… I turned down 4 dates!! but it feels great to just have quality time with myself for a little bit!

If I win or not… won’t matter into how amazing my valentine’s day will be bc I will make sure I give myself the best Valetine’s day yet!! <3

I give myself a little time each day to be utterly unproductive. I read or watch TV and just relax.

I like to buy books and read them while drinking a smoothie. 🙂 I also watch tv or go outside and take a walk/run if it’s nice outisde.
Thank you for the opportunity for a giveaway!

What do I do for me? I take time for me. I put aside homework and I watch TV or I read a book or something? I think it’s important to take time for yourself even when the world is pushing on you. I retweeted your tweet, so that plus the comment is two entries.

I try to exercise once a week minimum. When I’m stressed out and feeling run down, nothing makes me feel better than getting on my bike and seeing where it takes me.

I admit that a stroll into a bookstore or to a park makes me feel better. It’s nice to have time to myself to think…and exercise too! I also try to pick up fruits when I’m out grocery shopping. 🙂

Received my Fantastic prize package today! It smelled amazing and I can not wait to hop in a bubble bath, light the candle and read what I am SURE will be a so so so so GOOD Book! Time to treat myself. Thanks Michelle. XO

I don’t do much to take care of myself. i workout when i can and take care of myself emotionally

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