An Unexpected Gift

A friend once told me that it’s not wise to ask things of the universe for oneself without balancing it by sending those same things to others.

At the time, it sounded a little hokey, but since this is a friend I trust with these things, I promptly started balancing the mantras I said for myself with ones said for others. Sometimes my good energy is directed at someone specific, but most of the time, I just send it out there for anyone who might need it.

This is surprisingly easy to do when things are rough and I find myself leaning more on meditation and mantras, as one is likely to do when things are rough (I imagine this is like praying for some people – lol!).

What’s also surprising is how easy it is to fall away from these habits when things are GOOD. That’s something I’ve been working on – meditating regularly and using mantras even when things are going well rather than saying, “Thanks for the good shit, Universe! Later!”

After long dry spell in which I’ve worked my ass of with seemingly no progress, let’s just say this was a very good week.

A very, very good week.

I like to think it’s a mix of hard work, good fortune, and who knows? Maybe the result of someone else sending their good energy to me.

So this weekend, I’m going to make time for the cushion. And I’ll be sending all my good energy out to the universe and hoping it finds those of you who need it most.


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Good way to look at it. I always thought if you put good out good came back. Kind of the same thing. Universe balances all so what you put out is what you get back. Great post and I’m happy to hear its all going good with you.

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