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A Temptation of Angels Playlist Song #10 – Be Mine

This is Griffin and Helen’s song from the A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS contemporary playlist. It’s tres romantique!


We only have two more songs to complete the playlist and then we’ll be back to our regular blog features, including Movie/Mystery Monday, Song of the Week, and the Friday Poll. If there are other features you guys would like to see, speak up! Bog features are a work in progress. It’s all for YOU, so if there’s something you want, I’m happy to comply.

On another note, I’ll be Rocking the Drop tomorrow by leaving copies of A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS, PROPHECY OF THE SISTERS, and some other surprise books in and around my hometown. Hope you will all join me in celebration of Teen Lit Week!

Also want to remind you all that I’ll be in Houston this week for the TeenBookCon, so if you’re within driving distance, please stop by to say hello and get one of my infamous hugs (just say you follow me online and the hug is YOURS).

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