A Temptation of Angels Contests & Giveaway

A Temptation of Angels Contest & Giveaway Update

Hey, guys!

Thought I’d give you a quick update on current and upcoming giveaways for A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS.

You can enter the giveaway for a Be Tempted t-shirt five bookmarks, and a nail polish here through Midnight on the 15th.This giveaway is done in partnership with YALitChat, who also gave me a marketing grant last year that continues to pay for the shipping of prizes for contests and giveaways.

Starting Monday, January 16th, I’ll be giving away a signed TEMPTATION bookplate plus a bookmark to anyone who preorders and emails me the receipt (online or otherwise). This will run for two weeks and I’m super excited about the bookplates because they are GORGEOUS!

After the preorder giveaway, we’ll go right into the MZ Posse Packs Giveaway. Those of you who have been fans for awhile might remember this as the Giveaway Formerly Known as the Superfan or No Strings Attached Giveaway where I give away 50 (yes, 50!) prize packs to the first people who leave a comment explaining why they are a Prophecy Superfan.

No tweeting, linking, or any other kind of promotion required. This is my opportunity to say thank you for all you do to supprt me throughout the year.

But since this is for A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS (and the prizes were chosen accordingly), I had to make a decision; continue calling this giveaway (which I run right before the release of every new book) the INSERT-BOOK-TITLE-HERE Superfan Giveaway, or come up with something more universal. Since the Zink posse is commonly referred to among publishing peeps as the group of people I usually have in tow at events (namely, my teenagers and sometimes some extras), I decided to make you ALL part of my posse. So from now on, this prize will be called the MZ Posse Pack.

There’s one more difference; this time it won’t be the FIRST 50 people to comment who win. It just gets too tricky to choose a time of day that’s fair for all time zones, so I’m going to choose 50 people at random from the comments.

But still! 50! That gives you great odds of winning, so stay tuned for these giveaways, which are really just the beginning of the ramp up to the release of A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS.


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Well i consider myself a super fan because since Prophecy of the sisters was released i got crazy about it,( i dont know if you remember that i posted before) that i donated 15 copies to my school and the public library and im always checking for new updates i even have you in my prayers cuz you are one of my favorite writers, like when i read the books i feel such a connection to the characters and i just cant stop reading your books i just wish the best for you and have and awesome day
p.d Hope i can win hahahaha jk

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